Your heart is crying out.
This isn’t freedom.
This isn’t happiness.


There must be more…

You want to be rich on the inside AND rich on the outside.

You’re done with erasing your identity to play a supporting role in your life, when you know you’re meant to lead, live, and impact the world in a more meaningful way.

You’re SO OVER devoting your entire life to everybody else and feeling deeply unfulfilled.

Even if you have a career, the money you make just becomes yet another reminder of how disconnected and disappointed you are.

You’re a Powerhouse Diva sent to change the world…
but you’re stuck playing small.

On the outside it may look like you have it all… but, on the inside you’re feeling bankrupt and miserable.

And the worst part? No one knows. You feel completely alone. And are terrified to tell anyone how desperate you are to get the heck out of this ‘perfect’ little prison cell.


That’s why you’re here.

Behind closed doors, what’s really going on?


Are you constantly annoyed with your kids? Feeling unfulfilled in your marriage? Do you even have a “Love Life”? Not sure if life is worth living?


Look, I’ve heard it all. There’s nothing you can throw my way that will surprise me or make me think any differently of you.


I’ve already decided what I think of you and who you’ll be in my presence.


A Woman of Divine Purpose.


Whatever it takes to get you to see yourself in that light, we’ll do together.


It’s time you had someone to hold you.


Not another one-hit wonder from a hotline psychic who has zero clue about who you really are or what’s for your highest good and happiness. Not another finger shook in your face to keep you in line. Not another coach to tell you what to do. And certainly not someone who’s part of your ‘circle’ of friends who you fear is going to spread gossip about your most intimate struggles.


You deserve an expert guide & activator who is here to see your Ultimate Purpose come to life.


My clients just want to have…


  • PEACE 
  • Clarity
  • Deeply fulfilling relationships
  • Made a profound difference in the world

The status quo just doesn’t cut it for a woman like you, as hard as you’ve tried to fit in.


There’s no mask of perfection needed here.


Take a deep breath.


Put the heavy baggage down for a moment.


Grab a cup of tea.


Don’t worry about what I’ll think of you.


Let’s get on the phone and have a real talk about what you really want to live your life for, and what that’s going to take moving forward.


This call is 100% my gift to you.


Together, we’ll tap into what’s really keeping you trapped on the treadmill of your life going nowhere and decide what your next action step is (whether that’s working with me or not).




Why work with me?


I’m not here just to teach you my way… I’m inviting you to an uprising of passionate, purpose-driven women, who have been hiding, quiet, & trapped inside their white picket fences and family grind long enough.


I’ve been the woman desperate to escape.


The woman who lived decades of her life brainwashed by a culture that tells us success, purpose, and happiness look the same for everyone. By 27 years old I’d checked off the entire list: got my degree, moved into a pretty little house, snagged a nice partner, landed a good job, and volunteered in my community.


Yet, I found myself ready to jump out of a speeding car just to end the numbing pain of living a life that was not true to myself.


Something stopped me that day (more on that another time) and from that moment on, my life was radically changed.


My work as a Woman’s Empowerment Coach is designed to give you a clear Reading of your life, figure out exactly what’s going on ‘underneath the hood’ and equip you with what you need for every emotional mess, argument, decision, and desire that could come up.


One status quo achievement at a time, I built a typical ‘American Dream’ life of success that lulled me into settling, suffocated my purpose, and eventually led me to question if life was worth living at all. After a massive awakening from some of the darkest days of my life, I reclaimed the deeply intuitive gifts I’d had since childhood and started listening to the nagging voice that told me I was meant for more.


When I began sharing my gifts with others, I watched massive life changes and healing begin for them. Once I realized that this wasn’t just a nice hobby, but was the true purpose of my life, I went all in and made mentoring, guiding, and advising clients my ultimate contribution to the world. And trust me, getting paid for spiritual work was a massive shift all on its own.


No ‘shocking’ story, circumstances, or struggle will stop me from seeing the divine potential within any woman I meet.


This isn’t my job. This isn’t what I do. This is what I BE.


I’m calling you to take the same ownership of your purpose, passion, and path so that you can live a life of freedom, fulfillment, and impact as the most authentic version of yourself.


I am here to be your ally. Your partner. Your cheerleader. And the best friend you’ll ever have.


I have no agenda. No expectations to impose. No attachment to the stories you’re holding onto. So let’s do this together.


I can often be found during my ‘off’ hours excitedly rearranging furniture for the third time this month, soaking up the sun, or rendezvousing with my husband and son both of whom I am ridiculously in love with (i.e. our list of sappy pet names is growing on the daily).

What People Are Saying


“Just wanted to thank you… Wow, I’m just amazed how this is working. This was the first peaceful morning I have had in months!!!”

Sarah* Bangkok, Thailand


“Christina Louise is a very sincere and Helpful Healer and Communicator/Teacher. I recognized the presence of Love in her immediately, and the resulting collaboration we shared was miraculous. Christina Louise will help set your mind at ease.”

David Hoffmeister, Mystic and Teacher


“Christina is a truly gifted spiritual guide and healer. She managed to provide more effective spiritual guidance and emotionally-focused work in one session than some therapists accomplish over weeks and months.”

Kelly Lash, MS, LPC, Buffalo, NY

Every session leaves me feeling light and at peace with myself

“Christina is not typical! She empowers me and gives me guidance to look deep within and tap into my own power. Every session I have with Christina leaves me feeling light and at peace with myself. It feels great knowing I am 100% responsible for my life. She encouraged me to take risks and always reminds me that I am safe. As a result, I have allowed love into my life and realized how important it is to love myself first.”

Sabrina C., LMSW, New York, NY


“I have experienced so many breakthroughs in all areas of my life and I am so grateful for her support. The blessings that I have received from this investment have expanded my faith immensely and I am looking forward to experiencing even more miracles.”

Vera, Great Falls, MT


“Christina is not trivial. Our work is intense, and I prepare for our sessions knowing we are going deep. Christina is not using parlor tricks or cute strategies to help me get what I think I want. We are uncovering and dissolving the blocks to the life I came here to live, and this work is not for sissies. And it is worth it!”

Kimberly C., Oak Bluffs, MA


“Loving the connection… another great Reading with Christina! It is wonderful how connected she is, it makes for a great reading. Both times we have talked she has been spot on with what is going on in my world. Her words have helped soothe and calm my spirit so that I can move forward from this place of being unsettled and stuck. If you have any doubts, don’t … book a reading and see for yourself you won’t regret it! Thanks Christina.”

Jen H., Michigan


“I received more than I expected. When you allowed the (Holy) Spirit to talk through you it completely relieved a lot of stress I had held onto. Brought tears and took a weight off of me. I had expectations of like asking questions and getting information about future events. But it was more how I have to change myself before my circumstances will change. Something I needed to hear.”

Lorna B.