From my work space to yours: Tips for the week 4/24-4/30/14


myworkspaceHello, Friends!


This week’s free Tarot Reading involves our quest towards the expression of our truest Self. As we begin to peel back the layers and allow our true Self to shine through, our dreams become reality magically! Here are some practical steps you can start taking today to help get you there joyfully regarding money, energy, exchange, self-care, saving vs. spending and more!

This is a good time for some alone time. Not that I’m advising you to hide out like a turtle huddled in it’s shell but, just a good time to take more time for yourself. To read books you’ve been meaning to read, to explore new places, get outside and enjoy nature and yes, to take some time in silence and to meditate as well.

Bottom line: Explore the light within yourself this week!

This Reading is for you if you’re feeling called to the path of Self-Discovery and Illumination. Have you bumped into a Mentor you feel really resonates with you? Work with them! Are you feeling called to share your path with others? Get to Mentoring! The world needs you and trust me, that inner nudge isn’t going away. It only gets stronger so, trust it and move forward in strength and love for yourself, your journey and for the highest good of all beings everywhere. <3

Joy. Yes, Joy. You heard me rightL Joy. What makes you Joyful? What makes you laugh? What makes your heart sing? Go. Go do more of that this week! The world needs you feeling good right now because when you feel good, you’re taking good care of YOU and, when you’re taking good care of you, you can take good care of others. And I know, that’s what you’re all about. So, get to it! (Your feeling good yourself that is!) 🙂

Remember: Money comes and money goes. Like waves on the ocean; there’s always more where that came from! Set some time aside this week to re-evaluate your spending and saving. Ask yourself: “Am I holding onto money too tightly?” (Doing so can cause it to seem like there’s never enough.) “Am I too frivolous with my money?” “How can I best use my money to serve the world and myself?” ‘Am I using money to impress or to bless others?” Turn over your fears about money to your Higher Power. Your words are so so powerful!

Try saying this: “Dear __________ (Insert the name you call the thing that beats your heart) Thank you for all the money in my bank account; every last penny of it. I relinquish to you all my thoughts about money. I surrender to you my debts. I surrender to you my wealth. Use me in a way that serves the highest good of the Universe, myself and all beings everywhere. I am willing and open to allowing you to provide for my every need. Amen.”

Dreams do come true! I’m living proof!


This is a great time to focus on yours!


What’s your ” Big Dream?”


Share with us in the comments below!