Calling all Blazing Phoenix’s! Does this sound like you?



 “What the hell just happened?”


“Things were going so well before…


 “Everything was going fine until…


 “What’d they have to go and do that for?”


If so, this free Full Moon Tarot Reading was drawn just for you. So, read on!


king of pents                           hanged man reversed                                 queen of wands reversed

The first card in this week’s spread is the King of Pentacles which tells me that things were going well for you.


The second card, the Hanged Man Reversed implies that now things are not going so well in a major way.


The final card, the Queen of Wands Reversed represents where you’re currently headed (I say currently because regardless of what you may think, you do have the ability to change this right now.) This card shows that you may be plotting revenge (ego) and/or clinging to material gain rather than to the (Spiritual) awareness that all is well in your world. It shows me that you’re now relying on your ego to get back in control again.


Here’s the good news: You don’t have to go down that road. This isn’t the end for you. Help is available if you’re willing to ask for it while choosing to give up control over outer events in favor of gaining mastery over what’s going on within you. We can’t control others. But, we can learn to cultivate a relationship with our own divinity and our Source. And, what I find most beautiful about that is that when we change what’s going on within us, we naturally start to see a change in what’s happening outside of us. So, give up the fight and see what happens. Accept things as they are right now. Be open to seeing how things could really be working out for you by starting with this: a simple intention to take good care of you by putting down your sword. Be brave enough to deal with what’s going on within you and, I PROMISE YOU that your outer world will change too. But, not a moment before you start to work with what you can control which is only always YOU.


But, HOW!????


I hear you. It is easier said than done. But, let me take the guess work out of it for you by giving me the opportunity to open up to Spirit and channel the highest and the best information for you. Together, Spirit and I will lay out your personalized recipe for success no matter what you’re going through. Click here to book a session with me now. 


I know that what you’re going through sucks and that you just can’t see how anything can work out well for you if you don’t act and act fast. I’ve also been there before, sword in hand and so have you. We may gain temporary advantage by going this alone and acting to punish or correct others but, at the end of the day do you feel good?


Feeling good is the most important thing. But, feeling good is really only worth anything when you can do so in spite of the difficulties surrounding you. It is trust in the process of life. Trust in your inherent worth and purpose. It takes practice to be able to choose your feelings but, it is so so worth it!


Do you want freedom from your circumstances?


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Christina Louise Gale