Hey! It’s been awhile! I took some time off last year to do some Healing work of my own. I visited The BIg Island of Hawai’i and boy! was the energy INTENSE! But, I’m I glad I did it though! It wasn’t easy but, it was DEFINITELY worth it!

Now I’m back, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated; settled in my new home in Arizona and ready to start giving you your free weekly Readings again! I know you’re gonna love this one. So, here it is:

This week’s Free Weekly (New Moon!) Reading is for YOU if:

  • This year, you’ve committed yourself to sharing your unique gifts and talents with the world
  • You’ve set new goals and new ambitions
  • You’ve been asking yourself: “How?” “How am I going to do all this?” “How am I to juggle all these new plans all at once?”
  • You’ve been doubting that you have enough time to get it all done
  • You want to know “how” to hone in on your special gifts and confidently express them in the world and, monetize them too!


If this sounds like you, then this Reading is definitely for you! Your call has been answered. Please read on! 🙂

Dear One,

You’ve made new choices and cut loose the shackles that once bound you to a life of misery and “barely-getting-by.” You’ve been challenged to retreat but, instead you’ve stuck to your guns and your efforts have been responded to by the Divine. You’ve seen results. You’ve lost some weight, said goodbye to old flames and more money opportunities are flowing towards you. Great job! But, you’re still not convinced of your ability to juggle all these new ambitions and opportunities at once.

Relax! God’s got you!

You’re not in life alone. You’ve got a team – a team of non-physical aids to assist you! Don’t believe me!? That’s totally fine! Just ask them to show up and help you. Stand back, wait… and watch. Do what feels good and watch as the rest magically works out for you. Then send me an email sharing your success (or struggle) with me. I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a little prayer to help you get in touch with your non-physical assistants: Just repeat it out loud or in your head:

Dear Spirit (Or, whatever term feels right for you: Non-physical friends, Ancestors, Holy Spirit, Universe, God, Angels or Guides.)

I’m not sure if you’re really there or not but, it’d sure be nice if you are. So, just in case you are there and you can help me, I’m asking you to do so right now. Please help me to feel better each day. Thank you for leading me and guiding me; for giving me strength and courage and confidence. Thank you for lighting my path and for helping me to see all the beauty and prosperity that surrounds me. Thank you for giving me signs and symbols and positive feelings to light my path and to have more fun each day. Amen.

And, that’s it! You can say the same prayer for anything else that you need: Security, Freedom, Peace, Compassion, more time etc. Try it and let me know what you think!

Now, I’d like to address those of you who are thinking that you do not have enough time to get it all done this week. I know there’s a lot of you out there and Spirit is leading me to speak directly to you now. You have more than enough time to get everything that needs to be done done. Say that with me:

“I have more than enough time to get everything done.” Say it again. Say it over and over again until you feel good. Then relax and do what you feel led to do next. Relax and breathe and affirm: “I have more than enough time to get things done.” “I’m alright.” “Everything is alright right now.” “I will not worry about the future or the past.” “Right now, I’m alright.”

This trick works for me EVERY single time. It worked for me my last week of college when my Honors professor informed me two weeks before my last semester closed that if I wanted to graduate with Honors, I’d have to write 2 more huge papers in addition to all the rest of the work I was to complete for her class and the 4 others I was in. I was totally freaked out! I had worked so hard for years to graduate on time and WITH HONORS. It meant the world to me at that time. And there I was, forced to add two more HUGE assignments to my work load with less than 2 weeks in the semester to go. So I decided to start saying: “I have more than enough time to get everything done” over and over again. And guess what. I did! This “high school drop-out” graduated with a 3.749 GPA, on time and WITH HONORS. I did it and so can you!

Okay, now I’d like to address those of you who are totally freaking out right now because I was just on Facebook and saw that there are MANY people struggling with major anxiety. Please understand that your anxieties are serving as an alarm bell that’s trying to get your attention. The longer you ignore this, the worst it gets. You’ve got to wake up and do your inner work to turn the alarm off. That’s what I’m here for.

I provide extremely accurate and insightful, deep Tarot Card Readings. I call them “Rejuvenation” and these Readings are much like an X-Ray because they show a detailed picture of where you’ve been, where you are and in which direction you’re pointing to. But, I don’t stop there. I’m not a “Fortune-Teller.” After I’ve read your cards, I move into deep consultation with you; totally focused on giving you the tools to change your trajectory, to overcome adversity, to change your thinking and therefore your life.

Rejuvenation is right for you if you want:

  • To unveil the root of your anxieties and pluck them out for good
  • To experience true freedom; to feel good no matter what’s going on in your world today
  • To cultivate your Mediumship skills
  • Abundant health, harmonious relationships or a new love in your life
  • To heal deep wounds


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Remember: You deserve to feel good and you really can’t afford not to take care of yourself. I have the ability to guide you through the SElf-Healing processes necessary to cultivate a healthy, calm, balanced and peaceful YOU. I’ve done so in my own life and I’ve helped hundreds of others too.

If you’re skeptical about the power of working with me, I completely understand. And, I’m not offended! Some of my best clients were once skeptical and that’s why I’m offering you a money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with my work, I’ll refund your money!

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Happy New Moon! <3 <3 <3