Free weekly Tarot Reading by Christina Gale 4/17/14 – 4/23/14


empressYou desire peace, prosperity and harmony in your affairs but, you’re feeling constrained. You’re not sure how you’re ever going to get there.


Count your blessings. Literally, make a list of 5-10 things that you’re grateful for every day. Challenge yourself to come up with 5-10 different things that you’re blessed to have each day. These can be your five senses, the book you’re reading, your car, your bed, warm running water available to you (temperature controlled!) throughout your home.

The conflict is within us. This means that we have the power to change it; to overcome and to heal it; to walk away having built true power and lasting success. You’ll do this by declaring your willingness to look at your circumstances differently.

It may seem to get worse before it gets better this week. That’s okay. When things don’t go our way, they’re just being taken care of by The Creative in an even better way than we could’ve possibly imagined on our own. Does this make sense to you ? (If not, ask me about it in the comments below.)

Have patience. Believe in yourself and the power of gentleness, kindness and forgiveness (for yourself and others. No matter what they may think, do or say.) Please understand that we’re all doing or best with the information that we have available to us day-to-day.

This is a time for resting and recharging. Build up your quiet inner strength by resolving to lovingly disengage from every conflict within and without. Dance. Travel. Explore. Play. (We are in the two-week rest period until the next New Moon on 04/29/14.) 

While we’re resting we can ask ourselves questions like these: 

“What can I forgive in myself today?” 

“Who can I make amends with?” 

“What does Life want out of me today?”


Affirm: (knowing that I stand in alignment with you for the highest good) “I am willing to see XYZ (whatever has you feeling upset in any way) differently.” “I am willing to change.”

In closing, Expect miracles to take place and they will. When we expect the worse of somebody, that’s what we’ll see. Forget about the “HOW.” Stay focused on the WHAT of what you’d like to experience today. Get specific about what you want while letting go of attachment to “how” exactly WHAT you want will come to you.

Make sense? (If not, ask me in the comments below.)

The Empress sets a good example for us this week. Make it a practice to call on the knowing, spiritual and intuitive part of yourself. Now is a good time to get out of our minds and sink down deep into our hearts. I promise, everything will be okay.

Remember: Love > Fear