Here’s your FuLL MooN Reading!7ofgabriel

A situation comes to a head this weekend. It requires your gentle but firm action in the form of standing your ground, stating your truth and/or sticking up for someone who is at the mercy of powerful people at this time. If this resonates with you read on.

You are called now to stand up and make up your mind about something that scares you a bit today. No need to fear! A team of non-physical helpers are always by your side. You need only ask for their help. Ask for wisdom, pray for peace, strength, courage and grace.

You will need it all as you speak your truth gently but firmly. Pay close attention to what’s going on around you. When you feel led to speak up, disagree or act in favor of another, you are encouraged to do so.

Care to share what this all means to you? I welcome your comments below.

Happy FuLL MooN! ♡