This year many of you made a commitment to share your unique talents and gifts with the world. In the process, you’ve set some exciting new goals for yourself. Congratulations!

But now you’re wondering where you’ll find the time for this. How can you fit all these new plans and goals into your busy life? How can you add more tasks to your overflowing plate?

You can’t. It’s impossible. Eeeeek!

Wait. Don’t push the panic button. Instead, look at what you’ve already accomplished this year. You’ve made healthier choices. You’ve cut the cords to a life that brought you misery. You’ve lost weight, or walked away from a toxic partner, or attracted more financial prosperity into your life.


Now you’ve set new goals for yourself, and you think you’re dreaming too big. Major goals take time to achieve. And there is no extra time in your life.

Don’t worry. The reason this seems impossible is because you think you have to do it all by yourself. You don’t. You’re not alone. God is with you. Plus, you’ve got a team of spiritual beings out there ready and willing to assist you. Call them angels or guides or whatever, but they’re working for YOU. Ask them for help and watch what happens.

Walking your unique path in life is all about spiritual surrender. It’s about learning how move “with” the Divine flow, rather than “against” it. Here’s one of my favorite affirmations to help you do that:

“I have more than enough time to get everything done.”

Say that all day long. Soon everything will fall into place. You’ll have plenty of time to tackle those new goals. No need to worry about time. No need to worry about anything.

It’s truly amazing how this happens. But that’s how it works. Try it and see!


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