A powerful New Moon commences in Aries today at 2:44PM EST!


Any time after is a GREAT time to get out a pen and paper and write down all of your intentions for the life you’d like to live in present-tense, “I am” statements like this: “I am now living in a gorgeous home on Hawaii.”



Your New Moon Reading: 

It is a time of great power for you. This week you’ll feel a surge of energy. What you do with that energy is of course, up to you. Here’s what I recommend: On the inside, stand strong, rooted in faith about your ability to affect positive change in your life. On the outside, be gentle, watchful and careful to pay attention to spiritual details at this time. 

This time is favorable for those working in business and with the legal system. Outcomes will be favorable but outcomes also depend on you. Use your will to forgive any thought, attitude or behavior that even borders on incorrectness. 

Be on the watch for inferior influences in yourself and others yet do not condemn. Just watch, ask for help from Spirit forgiving that which no longer serves you and be patient. Progress inevitably comes to those who are modest, detached, gentle and accepting. 

Bottom line: Success is yours. Don’t be afraid to ask for it and to stand in faith and confidence that everything you want and need is already on its way but don’t get cocky about it. You don’t have to struggle for what you want. Just do what you know is best in your heart and all will fall into place. 

Play nice and make it a great week from the inside out! 

I’m happy to answer general questions about this reading and/or moon phase. Feel free to comment below or to PM me. 

If you have specific questions about your life, I invite you to contact me to book a private session. ♡♡♡ -CvG