Wow! The day is finally here! ūüėÄ

No, not ‘The Day’.

‘The day’ before The Day!

It’s a very exciting time because right now, it’s just me and a small team of unbelievably helpful people:¬†Amanda Christensen, Spiritual and Mental Health Transcriptionist,¬†and¬†R Petherick Designs, working together from behind the scenes¬†to put the final touches on this new website¬†designed for you from Spirit. Tomorrow, LivingSocial will begin featuring my spiritual services to the masses and I can’t wait to meet all of you! I’m so excited because now is the time; after many years of good and yes, sometimes challenging mental work, I’m¬†definitely¬†in alignment with who I came to be on this Earth. I am here to 1) Enjoy myself, the contrast, and the beauty of all of life, 2) to serve all of you by sharing my resources to help you know yourself and claim the rights given to you at birth; to help you experience the joy, peace, and love you came to be.

I am honored and truly blessed to be apart of this journey. And, I can’t wait to share the good news and messages that Spirit has in store for you! I’ll speak with you soon! <3