You’ve focused your intent on attracting more peace, prosperity, healing, or whatever into your life. And you want it NOW! You’re tired of waiting for this to manifest. In fact, you’re beginning to think it never will.

Don’t worry. You’re operating on Divine timing, which is always perfect. However, there are three actions you can take to speed up this process.

1.) Count Your Blessings.
Make a list of five things you’re grateful for. The next day, list five more. Every day, list five different things from the day before. If you’re not used to practicing gratitude, this can be a challenge. But trust me. It gets easier. Later, when gratitude becomes part of your everyday life, you’ll realize you actually have more than five different things in your life to be grateful for every day. Lots more! Yes, we are all that blessed. We just don’t realize it until gratitude becomes a way of life.

2.) Recognize the Conflict Within.
Make a commitment to look at your circumstances from the inside rather than the outside. What I mean by that is look for toxic beliefs that might be resisting your manifestation. Take an honest look inside and make sure you aren’t sabotaging yourself in this way. Do this inner inventory every day.

3.) Clean Up Your Present Life.
Ask yourself these questions: What can I forgive in myself today? Who can I make amends with today? Where is the Divine directing me today? If there is lingering unforgiveness in you, forgive quickly. If you have hurt someone and need to apologize, do it quickly. If the Divine has been leading you in a different direction than planned and you’ve been refusing to follow, stop resisting and follow quickly.

Put these three actions into practice every day, and your desires will manifest much faster. Forget about “how” this will happen. Just concentrate on the end result. Expect manifestation, and you will see it. Hallelujah!


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