What’s A Session Like?

What’s a Session with Christina Louise like?


Hey, there!

Christina Louise here and, I’m glad you asked because a Rejuvenating Tarot Session with me is like no “Reading” you’ve ever had before. Check it out below!

No doom or gloom 

We always start with a prayer so that ONLY the highest and best information comes through for you. I don’t “predict” your future because you’re creating your reality in every moment. Instead, I’ll show you exactly how and what you’re creating and provide you with opportunities to change your future life trajectory.

You are safe here

I create a safe space for everybody I come into contact with. You are always feel free to express yourself in anyway that feels natural to you and, your personal information is ALWAYS kept in the strictest of confidence.

No topic is off limits 

You can ask me anything you want. But, I don’t need you to tell me anything about yourself in order to conduct your Reading. In fact, I actually prefer you NOT to tell me anything about your current life circumstances. This way, when I Channel and Read for you, you will know it came directly from Spirit (and nowhere else.) 

Clear Guidance 

I will ALWAYS help guide you back to the Truth in YOUR own heart. I’m not here to tell you what to do but, I will help you connect with your own Truth and support you 100% in taking actions that create your dream life.

Outstanding Value

Your session can include a personalized blend of Tarot Card and Intuitive Reading to help you locate the root cause of your problem and Energy Work to help you clear it plus, an opportunity for you to create new Mindsets to help you stay in alignment with your highest desires for overflowing wealth, vibrant health and an awesome love life.


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